We are a wholesale based IP communications company dedicated to developing and delivering a complete line of VoIP products and services. By leveraging our PSTN and IP network, we ensure call clarity, reliability and affordable services.

Our carrier and wholesale pricing is among the lowest in the market. We offer local number services in most of UK calling areas and termination worldwide covering all destinations. Our qualities of service and voice clarity are reasons for being a wholesale communication provider.
In wholesale services or bulk voice traffic termination, our switch acts as the traffic controller which on one side collects calls from clients gateways or other equipment, authenticate them, and then depending on the routing tables send the traffic further to termination gateways/gatekeepers. The whole traffic is billed and controlled in real time, the billing supports both prepaid and post-paid accounts types. Also the media (voice) flow can be set per destination and be sent in full proxy mode where all packets are going through the switch or in the modes where only signalization is sent through the system while the media goes directly between endpoints. The system allows to hide the source and the destination what is often important especially if you work as a broker buying and selling traffic from various parties.

Additionally the system offers high flexibility in modifying calls setup, called numbers, enables you to manipulate prefixes, caller IDs and all other significant data before sending calls to the destination.

There is also a web interface both for clients and terminators with CDRs (which can be exported to file) and other reports.