What is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Communication, and the technology used to communicate is the backbone of all business operations. At PCL we understand that, and continue to succeed in delivering award-winning unified communication solutions year after year.
The core benefit of having our VoIP communication for your business are
  • Reduce and control communication costs
  • Improve business processes
  • Increase employee efficiency and productivity
  • Maximise revenue and sales opportunities
  • Enhance customer service and support
  • Reduce risk and maximise technology protection

A very basic schematic VoIP system can be presented as below Basic schematic VoIP system

If you’re used to using analogue, VoIP can seem a bit confusing at first. So we have a video below to provide you with some basic information to make the transition easier. This video gives a general understanding of how switching over to VoIP can save time and money as well as increase your productivity. VoIP solutions are also ideal because of the amount of control it allows companies to have over their communication infrastructure.