A high performance, robust service with the largest 4G reach in the UK that can be deployed within 48 hours to support business continuity and deliver reliable connectivity to hard-to-reach geographic areas.


PCL’s 4G business service helps you expand your data connectivity and operational capabilities over a, reliable network that is not constrained by any cables or wires.

Operating across all major networks, 4G services reach 95% of the UK population and 75% of the landmass, so you can keep your business critical applications running and connected to the internet where ever you are in UK without any wired broadband or lease lines.

Whether you’re looking for enabling remote workers or a resilient back-up solution for business continuity plan or extending your network into areas that are difficult to access, or support for IoT applications, our 4G service can deliver. Services can be provided within MPLS, which helps to control data flows, improves security, and ensures the same IP MPLS auto-failover. When provisioned with Direct Internet Access, our customers benefit from our public IP address that allows traffic to use our state-of-the-art network, as well as the capability to present the same public IP auto-failover.