Saving money

Every business is looking for a competitive edge. Petrol Communications will work alongside you to demonstrate how you can reduce your telecommunications spend and improve the efficiency of your communications at the same time.

Our approach is not just to offer cheaper prices for lower quality variants of what you already have. We will make an appraisal of how we can help your business to save money on telecommunications and propose a comprehensive solution.

For example, we can provide you with solutions that offer...

  • Cheaper landline and mobile calls, with fixed price call packages also available
  • Better deals for new and existing phone line rental contracts
  • Free calls between your main business sites, including home workers
  • Calls to mobiles from landlines included in your calls package
  • Business grade connectivity that will pay for itself
  • Reductions in phone line rental charges through the adoption of IP technology
  • Lower business travel costs by adopting modern conferencing solutions
  • Administration savings through informative billing and including home workers’ phone charges on your main invoice
  • Flexible pay-as-you-use call recording, rather than the capital cost of an on-premise solution

Big business price advantage for small business customers

Petrol Communications has secured deals with recognised network providers such as BT Wholesale and O2, which allow us to offer high quality services at commercially attractive rates to all of our customers. The scale of our business means that we can negotiate effectively to ensure that you receive the best value, irrespective of your business size.

Free calls between sites

Our hosted IP voice services see all your employees as being on the same network, regardless of where they’re working from. That means calls between sites are free, whether you’re phoning someone in the next room, the next town, or even the next country. This solution can provide clear advantages for multi-site organisations and where your business has sales people travelling and working from home.

Pay for what you need or for what you use

The majority of business customers pay for their mobile services on a bundle basis, which includes a set amount of calls and text messages, or on a pay-as-you-use basis, but why not do both and tailor the tariff to your individual employee’s usage. Petrol Communications can analyse your current spend and recommend a solution which combines products in the most cost effective way.

Work smarter and save on travel costs

We can help you find ways of saving money by using telecommunications to reduce other business costs. For example, several hundred miles of travel for weekly meetings can be avoided by using crystal clear audio and web conferencing solutions, which Petrol Communications can provide. What’s more, we’ll always advise you about the latest technologies that could save you even more. For example, emerging products like Microsoft Lync, which combine audio, video, presence and collaboration tools in a single solution will become increasingly attractive to certain business customers.

Save even more with hosted IP telephony

By adopting a hosted IP telecom solution, which means migrating your switchboard functionality to the network, you can make savings on maintenance costs and you’ll always be upgraded to the latest call handling software, without having to do anything. Best of all, there’s none of the large capital outlay which often goes with buying a new phone system - instead you just purchase licences for the employees who need to access the service.

Better broadband, lower price

Thousands of small business customers are still trying to run their offices using domestic grade broadband, because the headline price is often very low. In reality the poor service levels and unreliability of cheaper products can end up costing the business money through down time and poor performance. Our business grade broadband products aren’t just good value, the available bandwidth is configured for business use, which means faster downloads and improved reliability.

Let some of your employees work from home

Home working is an increasingly attractive option for employees who want to work flexibly. It also has big benefits for businesses, freeing up office space and reducing running and rental costs. However, for home working to be successful, you need a network connection your employees can rely on, with instant access to the same tools they’d be using in the office and solutions which make them feel like part of the team. Not only can we provide all of that, we can also provide advice on the best ways to reduce the administrative overheads of managing remote workers.

Single bill means lower costs

By letting us look after all your telecoms needs, we can remove a lot of the administrative headaches that go with managing multiple suppliers and unexpectedly high monthly costs. Petrol Communications offers the best deals on multiproduct packages, so your business gets the best value and a convenient single bill for all your services, which makes financial planning easier, saves time and frees staff up for other important tasks.

Still using a fax machine?

Petrol Communications offers a low cost email based fax solution, so you can send and receive faxes without a fax machine. What’s more, every message is sent electronically and can be easily stored for fast retrieval when you need it. So say goodbye to the fax machine and you may even be able to save money by ceasing the phone line.