Connecting all your sites together has never been so effective and seamless, with the help of our communication systems and expertise. Our VoIP and data multisite technology ensures seamless connectivity irrespective of the geographical locations of your office whether across the street or other side of the world. Our network guarantees secure site to site connectivity for all our customers enabling their business to transfer HD video, voice and data and to work efficiently across the team locations.

We offer a wide range of multisite connectivity options, such as

1) Managed VPN Services
2) MPLS – an engineering solution which priorities traffic, ensuring QoS is maintained
3) IP VPN – a VPN using MPLS technology over IP to deliver a highly secure VPN
4) Peer to Peer - PBX connectivity for secure site to site voice traffic

For all the above connectivity options, we provide a comprehensive SLA which guarantees 99.9% uptime for your business continuity. We also offer resilient failover and disaster recovery solutions, should the unthinkable happen. Our team is able to discuss these solutions with you, to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution to cater to all your Communications needs.

Benefits of our Multi site connectivity

Whether you’re a small business, an SME or large enterprise, if you have staff are placed across multiple locations, connecting your telecoms in to one, single and easy to manage virtual network can offer a range of benefits to your organisation. Apart from the significant cost saving advantage, with our multisite communications solution, one can completely streamline the operations by managing the communications system online and without having any on site hardware to run other than the basic broadband / lease lines.