CallShops is a shop with IP phones from which customers can make calls and pay for them at a cash desk. The callshop is a windows based application which shows all the cabins and the calls that are taking place. When a customer has finished, the cashier can see the made calls with their details and costs and can charge the customer. The application also allows to print bills.
The advantage of this solution is that the callshop application does not require any special hardware as the calls are not sent thru it, instead they go directly to our switch (through the internet connection) and the callshop program exchanges with SoftSwitch only little data needed for billing purposes. Also as the clients can be used softphones installed on PCs or FXS gateways with analogue phones connected, not necessarily IP phones. Our call shop solution is easy and self configurable application benefiting from a free call shop billing system. Being a hosted solution, the call shop doesn’t have a large upfront capital outlay. All that is required by the call shop is a broadband link and a few VoIP telephone sets. By deploying our call shop solution, the booths are ready for the customer to make the calls. On our software, you can see the call in progress and the calls that have been completed, but not yet paid for by the caller using that cabin. Daily reports are available to assist in "end-of-day" cash accounting. The system allows you to open and close booths and to manage either a post-pay or prepay call shop operation. Multi level access are available on the system, which allows the reporting and configuration of the system to be restricted to an Administrator and the day to day billing features to be available to all staff in the shop. You can also set the preferred currency that your callers will be charged and the rates that you wish to charge the customers.