Phone to phone services in which a customer dials an access number first, he or she is asked about PIN (or authenticated by callerID/ANI) and then prompted for a destination phone number.

The system comes with own IP based IVR system that supports several languages (possibility to add new), balance announcement, max duration for the call announcement, also it allows to recharge account by PIN and register actual ANI during the call and more. There are several scenarios which can be associated with particular access numbers.
To list a few features of our calling card solution:

Account Management: Our easy to use Account Management page gives you complete control of your account. You can view your Call History, Check the Balance, Recharge your account, setup PIN Less dialing, setup Speed Dial etc all in real time! Here you can purchase the Petrol Communications range of calling cards sold exclusive online. Signup Free to get a permanent rechargeable PIN for life. You can purchase online from here safely and securely. Your account will be credited instantly and you can start calling immediately through any of our access numbers. All rates listed are inclusive of UK VAT

PIN Less Dialing: Through our account management page, you can map up to 3 phone numbers (home, mobile, office etc) to your account. This will save you the hassle of entering the PIN every time you call! No more looking for that little piece of paper that you scribbled the PIN on!

Speed Dial: When you buy our Calling Cards, you can setup up to 10 Speed Dial numbers. Just call our access number and press any speed dial number mapped to keys 0 to 9 on you keypad and wait to be connected! Its that simple!